Board of Directors


President  Garry Brown

Vice President  Thom Pearce

Treasurer  Keith Hinze

Recording Secretary  Amanda Stallings

Program Director  

Marketing & Communications Director, Webmaster 

Membership & Training Director  Randy James

Inter-agency Liaison   

FBI Coordinator   Special Agent David Condo

A Message From The Directors:

Our board has been very frugal over the years, cutting corners on spending wherever possible, and sometimes spending out of our own pockets to keep the chapter running at its current level. We are fortunate to have Highlights for Children offering us a regular meeting place, the Columbus Police Department offering us a place for our board meetings, and Websense as our Platinum Sponsor. But we need financial help. We don’t want to charge membership dues, we don’t want to charge admission fees for meetings. We want to continue having refreshments and supplying quality programs for the members. But we need to acquire a regular source of financial support, as the funds we have on hand keep dwindling - we have been spending money very cautiously, but without income we are not able to replace the monies spent.

InfraGard Central Ohio Members Alliance is looking for corporate sponsors. Behind the scenes, there are many recurring expenses that need to be covered: organizational insurance, refreshments for meetings, mailbox fees, expenses for our representative(s) to attend the National InfraGard Congress/Conference, website costs, etc. Being an FBI-sponsored organization, one might think there are federal funds supporting the program, but there aren’t - all the chapters are self-supporting. The FBI provides great support to the program and our efforts, but their budget does not include the financial needs of the 86 individual chapters.

Because we are a 501c3 non-profit educational organization, donations are fully tax-deductible. If you or your company are interested in donating money to keep the local InfraGard chapter operational and supplying a forum for information sharing between the private sector and the law enforcement community, please use the PayPal link on this page, contact any board member, or drop a line to Thank you.