What is Infragard?
Infragard® is a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) program that began in the Cleveland Field Office in 1996. It was a local effort to gain support from the information technology industry and academia for the FBI’s investigative efforts in the cyber arena. The program expanded to other FBI Field Offices, and in 1998 the FBI assigned national program responsibility for Infragard® to the former National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) and to the Cyber Division in 2003. Infragard® and the FBI have developed a relationship of trust and credibility in the exchange of information concerning various terrorism, intelligence, criminal, and security matters.

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Wednesday July 26th InfraGard Meeting

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Jeffrey J. Young
Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security

“Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security: An overview”
How we provide service to 42 local jurisdictions in addition to 14 counties within Homeland Security Region 4


Sergeant Samuel Byrd
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Community Relations

Sergeant Byrd will talk about the different uses of SUAS (small unmanned aerial systems) used by law enforcement, as well as FAA regulations. Sgt. Byrd will speak specifically about the system the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office uses, its capabilities, and what sets it apart from other systems. If time permits there will be a demonstration.

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As always we will have sharing from our law enforcement partners and interaction with our peers.

Sector Chiefs may meet as well.

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You and your Guests. This is NOT a classified briefing. [InfraGard credentialing not required]

InfraGard Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 - 8:30am to noon.
Registration from 8:00 to 8:30 am.

Highlights for Children
1800 Watermark Drive (directions below)




Jeffrey J. Young
Director, Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security

Jeffrey J. Young was appointed the Director of Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security on October 13, 2016. He brings a history of steady leadership and extensive experience in public safety including preparing for and responding to a wide range of local and national disasters. After serving as an Operations Specialist in the U.S. Navy, Director Young began a career with the Upper Arlington Fire Division in 1988, working his way up through the division's ranks and gaining extensive experience in all facets of emergency fire and EMS response, fire prevention and community safety education programs. In 2010, he was appointed to serve as Fire Chief of the Upper Arlington Fire Division until his retirement on October 28, 2016.
During the course of his fire service career, Director Young served as a certified Paramedic, Rescue and Hazmat Technician. He was a member of the Ohio Task Force 1, an affiliate task force for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) responding to Ground Zero. He was a founding member of the Central Ohio Strike Team, an Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team for the Ohio Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Region 4. During his time as Fire Chief, Director Young worked to establish positive relationships with numerous representatives of Central Ohio agencies and gained a keen understanding of what it takes to successfully provide emergency notification and response coordination and support to agencies within Franklin County.
Director Young has a strong belief in developing and maintaining solid working relationships with all jurisdictions and partner agencies that serve the residents of Central Ohio. As part of those working relationships, Director Young serves as a committee member of the Homeland Security Advisory Committee (HSAC), the Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS) as well as the Chemical Emergency Preparedness Advisory Council (CEPAC). In addition to being an InfraGard member, he serves on the Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee (OC3), providing resource management and disaster response input.

Sergeant Samuel Byrd
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Community Relations

Sergeant Byrd has been with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office for twenty-two years and worked every division except the detective bureau and the courts. In January of 2017 he became aware of a Lockheed Martin Small Unmanned Aerial System produced for Project Lifesaver and its capabilities and immediately began to work on securing this system.


Directions to meeting location:
Highlights for Children is located northwest of the intersection of I-670 and Grandview Avenue, If you are coming west on I-670, Watermark Drive is a continuation of the exit ramp to Grandview Ave. If coming east on I-670, Watermark is the first traffic light (left) north of the exit ramp. You can also catch Watermark Drive running south from Dublin Road just west of Grandview Avenue, or running west from Grandview Avenue just south of Dublin Road.

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